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The goals of Creative Primer are:

  1. To be a resource and source of inspiration for creatives.
  2. To cast vision for the importance and benefit of creativity – to individuals and to society.
  3. To cast vision for the importance and benefits of journaling.

I believe creativity has a lot to offer both people and culture. I think creative thinking is the only reason you and your family aren’t living in caves, hunting and gathering to survive (unless of course you are – if so, very impressive). The power of creativity has changed the way we live hundreds of time. Creativity has led to improved processes, revolutionary inventions, and has shaped cultures for thousands of years.

When many hear the word “creativity,” they think art. Art is certainly a subset of creativity, but it is so much more. And that’s what Creative Primer is about.

What is Creativity? –> this is a great starting point.

My name is Brooks. I work in digital marketing and web design, so I’m by no means a creative genius. But I do believe creative thinking has unlocked my potential and helped me in my career in a way nothing else has.

I’m also a really big fan of journaling, the NBA, tacos, and traveling.